Horizon 7.10: Enabling dynamic codec switching

Patrik Kernstock

May I introduce my self? I am Patrik Kernstock, 25 years old, perfectionist, born in Austria and living in Ireland, Cork. Me explained in short: Tech- and security enthusiast, series & movies junky. Interesting in Linux, Container-stuff and many software solutions by Microsoft, Veeam and VMware.

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Hi Patrik, I am trying to get this to work too. VMware documentation suggest to make the change in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\VMware, Inc.\VMware Blast\Config\EncoderSwitchEnabled so not where group policy changes appear. Does this work for you? Do you see this enabled in Blast-Worker-SessionId1.log? What client do you use? Windows Horizon Client 5.2 or a thin client? Thank you.


Hi Patrik, here is VMware’s official documentation link. The log file should be in C:\ProgramData\VMware\VMware Blast and I was looking for SwitchEnc in the content. But I don’t see the encoder name ‘switch’ (in your screengrab) so I have to find what my issue is anyway. In Horizon Client 5.2 – in settings, VMware Blast, do you have any of the 4 options checked – e.g. allow H264 decoding or all tickboxes are empty?
Final question: do you also apply any settings to blast via group policy?

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