Automate certificate renewal via Let’s Encrypt on Avi/NSX ALB

SSL/TLS Certificates List in Controller
SSL/TLS Certificates List in Controller

Patrik Kernstock

May I introduce my self? I am Patrik Kernstock, 25 years old, perfectionist, born in Austria and living in Ireland, Cork. Me explained in short: Tech- and security enthusiast, series & movies junky. Interesting in Linux, Container-stuff and many software solutions by Microsoft, Veeam and VMware.

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hi buddy, great script. I am with a problem and I cannot find the solution. I have no programming skills and I am just learning about avi. I share the error I have to see if you can help me: Error from certificate management service: Could not find a VS with fqdn = STDOUT - 'Running version 0.9.0 Debug enabled. dry_run is: False disable_check is: False directory_url is Reusing account key. Parsing account key ... Parsing CSR ... Found domains: Getting directory ... Directory found! Registering account ... Already registered! Creating new order ... Order created! Authorization… Read more »

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